Saturday, November 17, 2007


Satan has a plan against the saints of the Most High which is to wear them out. What is meant by this phrase, "wear out"? It has in it the idea of reducing a little this minute, then reducing a little further the next minute. Reduce a little today, reduce a little tomorrow. Thus the wearing out is almost imperceptible; nevertheless, it is a reducing. The wearing down is scarcely an activity of which one is conscious, yet the end result is that there is nothing left. He will take away your prayer life little by little, and cause you to trust God less and less and yourself more and more, a little at a time. He will make you feel somewhat cleverer than before. Step by step, you are misled to rely more on your own gift, and step by step your heart is enticed away from the Lord. Now, were Satan to strike the children of God with great force at one time, they would know exactly how to resist the enemy since they would immediately recognize his work. He uses the method of gradualism to wear down the people of God. --Watchman Nee

Don't let Satan "wear you out"!! His goal is to steal, to kill and to destroy and he will use any and every method to accomplish his purpose. But, as believers, we have our own arsenal with which to fight back. First, put on DAILY the whole armor of God...Ephesians 6: 10-18.
Second, keep the lines of communication clear and your heart clean before God....Psalm 51.

Yes, Satan is a formidable foe. BUT...."He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world" and "If God be for us, WHO can be against us!!!!!!!!!!!" Press on, dear on!!

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