Sunday, January 27, 2008


Election year. I HATE election years. If it were up to me, candidates would have 1 month to campaign and that would be it. Enough already of 2 years of campaigning, backbiting, signs, debates, caucuses....yada, yada, yada!!! I think just such as that is the reason so many people just quit going to the polls altogether. That, and the fact that so many think that their one little vote would not matter. But hear me....YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER!!! ONE person CAN make a difference!

Not only does ONE vote matter, but ONE person can turn the tide. How often do we oppose something and do nothing, thinking that as ONE our opinion could not change a thing? That is probably the norm, rather than the exception. But one little 11 year old girl has proven that theory is pure BUNK!

In 2004 Ella Gunderson went shopping with her 16 year old sister, Robin and her mom. As Robin tried on one pair of jeans after another, little Ella watched and listened. Robin was frustrated because all of the low slung jeans exposed her belly button and were way too tight. The sales clerk tried to help by assuring her that buying them one size smaller so they WOULD be tight was appropriate, because that was the popular "look".

No one even realized that Ella was taking all this in until she showed her mother a letter she had penned to Nordstrom expressing that it seemed unfair to her that an unacceptable style was presented as the only choice available. She very politely told them that she saw girls "walk around with pants that show their bellybutton and underwear" and "even at my age,I know that this is immodest". Ella told the corporation "I'm hoping to get the message across that you can be modest and still be fashionable, cool and comfy."

Her letter made it all the way to Pete Nordstrum, executive vice president of Nordstrum. He then read "With a pair of clothes from your store, I would walk around showing half of my body and not fully dressed it seems. Your clerks suggest there is only one look. If that is true, then girls are supposed to walk around half-naked. I think you should change that look."

Did anyone listen? Yes! Corporate responses assured Ella that she had been heard. A lot more people responded as well in agreement with Ella's plea for more modest attire. Her letter also brought her a platform on which to take her stand. She was featured on CNN and NBC's Today Show.

Ella is a quiet young lady and this publicity was NOT what she was seeking. It was really outside her comfort zone. But, according to her mother, she had a relationship with Jesus Christ and a prayer life of her own. So when God presented her with an opportunity to speak out, she obeyed Him.

One little girl. One voice. Yet when God commanded, she obeyed and a giant corporation listened. What is God is asking YOU to do today? Are you willing to be obedient like Ella?
"And a little child shall lead them..." Is 11:6

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