Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Why does God allow storms?

Today our forecast calls for high winds, thunderstorms and heavy rain. That is pretty much the outlook for much of the week. Depressing.

Last week was the one year anniversary of the terrible tornados that ripped through the Mid South, causing damage and destruction in the millions in Memphis and Jackson, Tennessee. I'm sure that when many of those people whose homes and lives were affected by those storms hear a thunderclap, something within them shivers!

A fellow class member shared Sunday that he had lived for a time in the Chicago area. He spoke of all the snow and ice and dreary days...all of which he did not miss AT ALL!! He said there was a period of 66 days when there was NO sunshine !! Let me tell you, I would NOT have survived!!

I am solar energized. I do not do well when there are long periods of gray skies! I remember a few years ago, we went for weeks like that. I was miserable! It just so happened after a few weeks that we flew to Miami for our first cruise. I can remember how wonderful it was when we got ABOVE the clouds and we saw the sun break through. It was HEAVEN!!

So back to the original question....Why does God allow storms?

Well, I think there are many answers to that, but the simplist is so that we will appreciate the sunshine.

If all we ever had was sunshine....no rain, no storms, no heavy clouds....we would so take those sunny days for granted. But....when we've spent days inside due to cold or rain, when the skies have been dark and gray, when we've not had the warmth of the sun on our faces for a very long time and then....THE SUN COMES SHINING THROUGH....oh is that not a glorious day?!!!

Last week, after much cold and rain, we were supposed to have beautiful, sunny weather. In fact, it was supposed to be near 65 degrees. I was keeping my granddaughter that day and was looking forward to our spending the entire day OUTSIDE. This child LOVES the outdoors!! She is in her glory digging in the dirt. (Think I may have a gardener on my hands??)

However, the day dawned gray and dismal with a cold wind blowing. We were both disappointed. Finally, about 4:00 the wind begin to die down and the sun emerged from behind the clouds. I said to her, "Hey...I think it's warm enough for us to go outside a while. Do you want to go?" Without a moment's hesitation, she dropped what she was doing and darted for the door, all the while saying with joyful exuberance, "Yeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss...yet's go, Mimi!!"
As soon as I opened the door, out she flew, running with all her might, with a grin on her face as wide as the Mississippi!

Now in the summer when it's always warm and sunny, with rarely a rainy day, she is still happy to go outside, but the exuberance is not quite the same. Why? Because it becomes a daily occurrence.

God allows the periods of dark in our lives...our storms...to make us realize what a blessing it is to have those peaceful, sunny days when all is going well. We tend to muddle through our busy days, not giving a thought to the peace, until it comes crashing down in the darkness of our storms. Then, suddenly, we LONG for those bright, sunny peace-filled days.

If you are experiencing the dark night of a storm, just remember storms do NOT last forever. The sun will indeed shine again. At first you may see only a glimmer on the horizon, but be encouraged...it will SHINE again. Until it does, cling to Jesus...He will be your light in the darkness of the storm.

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