Sunday, June 14, 2009


Storms roared into the mid south area this past Friday afternoon with a vengeance! We lost power as did several of our family. We were sitting on the back porch watching a slow, easy rain with our granddaughter, when suddenly everything changed. In a heartbeat, the slower shower became a horizontal sheet. The breeze became a vicious, howling wind twisting and turning everything in its path. Our quiet afternoon had been turned upside down.

We, fortunately, only had a few limbs to fall. Others had entire trees to come crashing down, while others in our neighborhood also lost flag poles. Yet that was still not the worst. We later found out that a tornado had touched down just about a mile from our daughter's home. They had a section of fence blown down, lost a tree and also had no power. Yet others in their neighborhood had sections of their roof blown off, while others just a short distance away had their entire home demolished by the storm and the 120 mph winds!

Life has been interrupted as we are forced to do without air conditioning, refrigerators, telephones and TV!! No microwaves or ovens. No power tools to do repairs.

Restaurants in the area flourished. Grocery stores were sold out of dry ice. Chain saws were buzzing and equipment stores were doing a booming business as people rushed in for saws, plywood and heavy plastic.

But the best part of all was to see neighbor helping neighbor. Friends checking on friends. Friends helping those in need find generators or places to store frozen food so it would not spoil. Others opening their home to families whose air was out.

Yes, life's interruptions doesn't always bring out the best in us. Yet for many, it does. It causes us all to stop and think for a minute about what is really important. We are made to pause and reflect upon the value of relationships over things.

Yes life for all of us had a few interruptions this weekend. For some it will be life as usual tomorrow. For others who have lost a lot, it will be some time before life is back to normal. So if you know someone who can use a helping hand, reach out and help. Tomorrow it could be YOU that needs that hand of love.

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