Thursday, December 24, 2009


Life is uncertain.

One day you can seem to be fine, the next day you can learn you are dying.

One day you can be enjoying coffee with your husband, the next day he can be gone.

One day you can enjoy being a mom, and then suddenly learn your child has a dreaded disease. In just a few short months, you find your arms empty again.

One day you can be employed by a company you have given 25 years to, and the next they can hand you a pink slip.

One day you can live in a nice house, drive a fine car and live the good life. Then with the turn of a bad economy, you can suddenly find yourself living on the street.

Yes, life is uncertain.

None of us are promised tomorrow. In fact, none of us are promised the next second.

But, lest you think this is a terribly morbid blog, CHRISTmas comes to remind us of a few certainties.

Here are a few you can take to the bank.

God is real. God is love. God loves YOU!

The penalty for sin is DEATH. Everyone sins.

Someone MUST pay the penalty. You can either choose to pay it when you die, or you can allow someone else to pay it for you.

JESUS came to pay that debt. He paid a debt He did not owe, because we owed a debt we could not pay.

CHRISTmas is God's ultimate gift to us....the gift of LIFE through JESUS CHRIST.

Our life has a beginning and an end.

We will either die at some point OR we will meet the Lord in the air when He comes to rapture His church [all believers...not a building].

Make no mistake...HE IS COMING AGAIN!!

If this life was all there was, we would be most miserable. But it is not.

CHRISTmas reminds us that the BEST is yet to come!!!!!!!!!!!!

That baby in the manger was our downpayment for a future with God in Heaven.

But remember...that precious as He was... is NOT still in the manger. Nor is HE on the cross. He is alive!!!!!!!!!!

He offers to you the gift of CHRISTmas....eternal life through Jesus Christ.

As you celebrate CHRISTmas this year with your family, I pray that you will remember that JESUS is the GIFT and I pray that you will receive the greatest gift you've ever received by receiving that GIFT.

Because life is uncertain.

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