Monday, August 9, 2010


How often does Jesus come to your mind in a given week?

Do you converse with Him throughout your day or do you occasionally yell for help when something goes wrong?

Many people believe in God....they give mental assent to the fact of His existence. They would even admit to the occasional prayer. They might own a Bible which they carry to church from time to time. But James says "You believe there is one God? You do well...the devils also believe, and tremble." James 2: 19

I know many people who profess to be Christians who have not opened their Bible in years EXCEPT on Sunday mornings, who only pray when they are in trouble and who rarely think of Jesus except on Sundays or when they or someone they know use His name in vain.

In essence, they tip their hat to Jesus and say "Thanks for dying for me on that cross. Appreciate the ticket to Heaven. See ya up there one day!" and go about their merry way. Does that describe YOU?

What does Jesus REALLY mean to you? Do you REALLY know Him at all? Do you have a RELATIONSHIP with Him? You can and I assure you that it will change your life.

Everyone must make a decision regarding Jesus. EVERYONE.

You can choose to reject Him.

You can choose to tip your hat to Him.

You can choose to call Him Savior and Lord and have a one-on-one relationship, up close and personal.

It is your choice, but it will impact you for all eternity and for every day til then.

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