Saturday, February 18, 2012


Do you remember when your kids were little and you'd tell them something to do, and they'd whine "Do I have tooooooooooo?"  or worse "I don't WANT to!!!!!!!"  Some days I feel just like that, don't you?

There are lots of things I WANT to do.  Projects that I want to work on, things I ENJOY doing like working on my scrapbook that I am SO far behind on.  Reading a good book just for pleasure.  Even sitting down and just watching a good movie. 

Yet the demands of what I NEED to be doing are ever pressing.  The tyranny of the urgent, I think someone called it.  Yes, the urgent is definitely a tyrant at my house!  I marvel at people who say "I am so bored.  I have nothing to do."  They must live in a box and eat TV dinners and have the dry cleaners pick up their laundry every day at their door.  (Seriously, do people really do that?)  I once knew a woman who would NOT change her baby's dirty diapers.  And this was during the day of cloth diapers.  She had a diaper service that picked them up and returned them all clean.  And, if it got too "fragrant" before a pick-up, she'd just toss them in the trash.  That still blows my mind!

We are currently studying the Bible chronologically at our church.  I am LOVING this study.  However, it does require taking the time to really study.  I have heard from lots of the ladies taking this study that they are just overwhelmed by it all.  Not that the homework is so much.  It's just that they are learning so much more than they ever dreamed and trying to process it all has taken them aback a little. 

I think for some, studying on a daily basis has been an adjustment.  Many have fallen into the thinking that "a little dab will do ya".  Read a little JESUS CALLING and that was enough.  Now don't get me wrong.  I truly have been blessed by JESUS CALLING and mean nothing negative by it.  But, it can NOT be your entire diet.  It was never intended to replace the Bible.  It was only meant to supplement. 

Reading the Bible on a daily, consistent basis is one of those things that start out as being a HAVE TO, but as you do it, it quickly becomes a WANT TO.  It draws you back, day after day, as it begins to speak to you right where you are.  Most people who have never done Bible study simply do not understand that.

Although there are lots of things on my TO DO list that I'd rather skip, I am thankful that Bible study has moved to the WANT TO DO list because the more I do it, the more blessed I am.

If you are not currently reading the Word on a regular basis, I urge you to find a Bible reading plan, join a Bible study group at your church or a nearby church, or even sign up for one online...there are numerous ones available FREE.  However, you do it, just DO IT!!  It may start out as a HAVE TO til you get into it, but I guarantee you, before long it will become a WANT TO!!

Now...back to my HAVE TO list ..........sigh.

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