Friday, December 28, 2007


I love fast food. Throughout the holidays, I've consumed quite a bit of it, too, while shopping. As much as I enjoy it, it's not healthy. It's ok for an occasional treat or due to necessity, but it's not the diet we should have on a daily basis. Our bodies function better and look better when we consume a healthy diet of good food like fruits and vegetables and lean meats, etc.

As I sat down with my Bible this morning, I sadly realized how little time I had spent in the Word these past several weeks. Not that I hadn't read any, but it had been sparse and not very meaty. Oh I had read a daily devotional or two almost every day. I have several online ones that I subscribe to and I enjoy them very much. In fact, God has used them many, many times to speak to my heart and I am grateful to those who write them. But as good as they are, they are no substitute for reading God's Word. They are in essence fast food.

It's time to get back into the Word on a daily basis, feasting on the meat of His Word so that He can fill me with knowledge of His will and His way....a healthy diet that will build me up and make me strong and able to fight the good fight.

How about you? Have you been slack in your time in the Word, too, throughout the busy holidays? If so, why not commit today to get back on track and join me in feasting on the Holy Word of God? You will be healthier in mind and body and spirit!!

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