Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Below is a poem recently written by a young man about a 20 something year old friend of his who died suddenly of a seizure. She was not a believer. This is the sum of her life.


She was created.
Created with purpose.
Created with love.

She lived.
Lived as she was taught.
Lived without hope.

She loved.
Loved what she knew.
Loved not the truth.

She tried.
Tried her best.
Tried for nothing.

She rebelled.
Rebelled from her God.
Rebelled… oh the pity!

She wasted.
Wasted her life.
Wasted forever.

She is suffering.
Suffering without limit.
Suffering unimaginable.

She is lost.
Lost in purpose.
Lost forever.....
--Joey Shaw
What will someone write about YOU when you die?

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