Monday, February 1, 2010


I have a new favorite song on the radio. The only part I know is the song title which is also the chorus, but it is written to someone who has gone on to Heaven. The songwriter says "Save a place for a place for me..I'll be there soon".

How often do we tell a friend to "save me a place" at the table, at a conference or at a ballgame? It means that we want to join them there. We do not want to sit alone. We want to be with friends or our loved ones.

Yesterday we contemplated WHO we would take with us to Heaven. Today as I heard this song, I thought " a place for me", but if today is NOT my day, what am I going to do with TODAY?

Today we will exchange a day of our life for this day. How will we use it?

Will we touch another life for good today?

Will we share Jesus with someone today?

Will we make someone else's TODAY better by being kind, sharing a smile or a hug, or being a good listener?

Will we lift someone else's burden today or be too busy to stop and care?

Will we sacrifice our time to meet another' s need?

Will we stop to pray for someone who is hurting today?

Will we take the time to pray for someone who is lost?

You have 24 hours starting NOW. What are you exchanging YOUR life for TODAY?

Postscript to this blog: I was searching for the song mentioned above, Save a Place for Me, by Matthew West. What I found was the story behind the song. It so demonstrated exactly what I was trying to convey above that I want you to hear the story behind the song before you listen to the song. From Matthew West:

She can't speak. Not anymore. The stroke she suffered took that way. She can't walk. Her 86 years of life have left her paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. She is my grandmother, Luella Jane West.

Five years ago, the doctors told the family she wasn't going to make it. I remember getting the phone call from my dad. I remember the trip to Iowa. I remember the hospital room. I remember saying goodbye. My family cried, laughed, and cried some more in the waiting room of the hospital as we remembered and celebrated her life. And it truly was a life worth celebrating.

Grandma was a mother of ten children who loved God with all her heart, and believed in the power of prayer. I will always remember cards and letters she would send me. They were filled with encouraging words and scriptures to live by. I will not soon forget her example of how to live a life that really says something. What my family didn't expect was exactly what happened. Five years later, my grandmother has defied the doctors and is still with us. And though she has lost her voice, her life still speaks.

Today, there is another Luella Jane West here with us. She is my daughter. And you should see Grandma's eyes light up when she sees her namesake! Someday when Lulu asks about her name, I will be proud to tell her about a life that had something to say. I know that my grandmother won't be here much longer. She knows it too.

So, this song is dedicated to her. Celebrating a life while it is still being lived. I read a recent interview with Billy Graham in Newsweek that summed up the heart behind "Save a Place for Me." When asked about the passing of his wife, Rev. Graham said, "I know God has prepared a home for her in Heaven. I just hope she saves a room for me."

Below is a sample of the song and below that you can access the lyrics to SAVE A PLACE FOR ME by Matthew West.

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