Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have heard several amazing sermons over the last couple of weeks by various pastors, all with the same theme....time of our departure is at hand!! There are NO prophecies left to be fulfilled before the rapture of the Church can take place. There are many things taking place worldwide that are laying the framework for the end times as prophecied in the Bible.

One pastor this morning posed a very interesting question though. He asked, "Is ALL of your family ready to go?" Thought provoking question.

He went on to say that many evangelicals are very mission minded, and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. We are commissioned to go into all the world with the Gospel message. sad to think that we would travel around the world to share Christ with strangers and yet never tell the ones we love the most.

Having sat by the bedside of one who was dying recently, I can tell you when that time comes you realize very quickly what is REALLY important.

Understandably it is hard to broach the subject sometimes. We are not sure what to say, don't want to seem "pushy", don't want to alienate anyone or damage a relationship. But maybe we need to ask ourselves, what is more important...a few moments of discomfort or an eternity spent in Hell?

It is something for each of us to ponder and to take before the Lord. So I ask you today. When the trumpet sounds and the Lord takes you UP, WHO are you going to take with you?

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