Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Don't you just love the way God takes care of us?  Even in the little bitty, everyday things....things like a shoebox?

Yesterday, because my daughter had something to do early, she dropped my 4 year old granddaughter off at my house so I could take her to preschool an hour later.  When she arrived, the first thing my daughter asked me was "Do you have an empty shoebox?"  I did and told her I'd get one from the attic.  My granddaughter needed to take one that day for a preschool project. 

Simple request.  But between the question and her leaving, we covered the instructions about things in the backpack, lunch and seeing the granddaughter's newly painted fingernails.  Thoughts of the shoe box went right out the door with my daughter.

We got ready, I dropped off my granddaughter at preschool and then I went on about my day.  Gym and then shopping at Target, where I spent close to an hour or more.   I "just happened" to buy a pair of shoes while there.  They were not on my list, but needed them and when I saw them, decided I'd go ahead and get them. 

It was after noon when I checked out and as the cashier drew the brown shoebox across the scanner, a light went off in my head.  "SHOEBOX!! SHOEBOX! Oh No, I forgot the shoebox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Panic struck, knowing that when the teacher had called for the students to get their shoeboxes, my granddaughter would quickly have realized that Mimi had forgotten hers.  I knew the result of that devastating realization to one who wants everything to be PERFECT!!!!  It would have meant a total meltdown.  And it was all Mimi's fault!!!:(

I left Target trying to decide what to do next.  Call the school?  Just apologize and hope the teachers brought extras for those who forgot?  As I was driving down the road, it hit me.  Well, Dummy, you HAVE a shoebox in the car.  Take it to her.  Maybe....just maybe they haven't done the project yet.  "Please God...don't let them have done the project yet."

I sped toward the school, and as I entered I wondered who I would get to go check for me as I knew I could not go in the classroom.  And, lo and behold who should be checking in at the desk but her beloved teacher from last year!!  I explained my dilemma and she asked if I wanted her to take the shoebox inside.  "NO!  If she has already missed it, that will just upset her more. " So she peaked inside and reported "I see a lot of shoeboxes....but, let me check with the teacher and see if they've used them yet."  She disappeared and returned with a big smile.  "They haven't done the project yet.  Give me your box and I'll give it to her." 

Whew!! I was SO relieved and SO grateful to God who cares about the little things in our days.  No this was not an earthshattering thing.  It was not life or death (except to a 4 year old).  But He understood my plight and He intervened out of His great mercy and grace.  He understood the desire of a grandmother's heart not to cause distress to her granddaughter.  He loved His children so much, He graciously met our need. 

God cares about everything in our lives...the BIG and the small.  The important and the not-so-important.  He is not interested just in the tsunamis that shatter a nation like Japan, but He is also interested in the tsunamis that wreck our personal worlds.  He is also interested in the minute, mundane things that can sometimes shake our world too.  God is in the details of our lives.  And I, for one, am so glad He is!!

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