Monday, March 21, 2011


A week after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, there is a classroom of 30 children still quietly waiting for their parents to return to get them.  They sit playing games or reading while teachers watch over them.  Reporters are not allowed inside the classroom because they are afraid even the opening of the door might give the children false hope someone is coming.  Who will come for the children?

I can' t imagine what must be going through their minds.  I have two precious granddaughters.  I'm not sure the youngest, who is 2, would notice at first.  But eventually she would begin to cry for Mommy.  My older one who is almost 5 would certainly begin to ask questions by the end of the day, and every day after that.  The very thought of those little eyes looking and longing for their mommy and daddy, asking where are they, when are they coming for me, breaks my heart.  "When are they coming?" I can hear her asking. 

Who will come for the children?

One article said relatives waited with the teachers.  But if that is so, why have they not left with them?  Are they,too, waiting there just in case...not wanting them to NOT be there if miraculously, the parents DO arrive?

The school they are in was in the worst hit area where thousands are still missing.  Officials say they think the death toll has been miserably under-reported. Some estimates are that over 100,000 will eventually be the death toll. 

Some of the younger children had already left for the day when the tsunami hit.  Those going in one direction were probably safe.  Those going in the opposite direction were probably swept away.  The children in the middle age group were being picked up at the time.  Their parents were pulled inside and kept safe along with the children.  But this group of children between the ages of 8 and 12 are still waiting.  Who will come for them?

One thing is for sure.  Our heavenly Father knows exactly where they are.  He has not lost sight of them.  He knows each of these children by name.  He loves them and He cares for them.  He spared these 30 children's lives for a reason.  It is difficult for us to understand why their parents were lost, why their lives were taken and the children orphaned.  But, God has NOT abandoned them.

We do not know who will come for the children but God does.  Let us pray today for those to heed His call and to arrive soon so that these children will know that they are not alone.  Let us pray there are family members even this moment making their way to get them.  Let us pray that not one child will be left unclaimed by someone. 

What about the children of the teachers?  Where are they?   Do the teachers know?  How difficult it must be for them to stay and wait, yet they have not left these children alone.  Thank God for these teachers who have stayed and cared for these children all this time. 

It is difficult to look at a photo like this and imagine anything good coming out of this.  Yet God is in the restoration business.  Let us not be remiss in praying for the PEOPLE of Japan.  It's easy to think in terms of a country, an entity and not the people.  Let us not forget the PEOPLE, just like these 30 children.  When you pick up your children at school today, remember those 30 children of Japan.  When you tuck your little ones in bed tonight, remember to pray for the 30 children who are still waiting.  And pray for God to send someone for them soon.  These 30 children only represent the thousands who are still waiting, still searching, still hoping to find their loved ones amidst all of the devastation like what you see in the photo above. 

Pray and ask God how YOU can help.

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