Saturday, September 22, 2007

September 22, 2007

As I came to my quiet time this morning, I bowed my head and said
"Lord, fill me up" and this picture came to mind.

When I was a child, there was a place where we would go
To get our cars filled with was known as a "filling station".
I thought to myself how our quiet time should be just such a place.

In those days, we would pull up to the pump and an attendant
Would greet us with a smile and a cheery "Howdy...fill'er up?"
If we answered "yes", he'd fill up our tank with gas...
But that was not all.
He'd also check under the hood, wash the windshield and
check the tires. (Oh....for the 'good ole days'!!)

It came to me as I contemplated this scene from the past
How that is just what we need from the Lord.
When I come to my quiet time,
I need to say "Lord, fill'er up!"
And I need to wait for Him to fill me with
His Holy Spirit, His mighty power and His
unconditional love that will provide the fuel
I need to make it through the day's journey.

While there, I also need Him to check under the hood.
I need Him to see if there are any attitudes that need changing
or any place I'm "empty" or out of whack so He can
fill those needs and make the necessary adjustments.

I need Him to clean the windshield of my heart,
To wipe away the grime of sin that seems to collect
Along life's highway.

If I will also take time to look at His map,
He will show the roads He desires me to take for
that day's journey.
He can steer me clear of potholes and detours
So that I will not waste my time.
You see He's been down this road before..
I have He knows which way is best.

He has also put up signs along the way to
show me when to STOP, to YIELD and to use
CAUTION. And it is up to me to obey those signs.

Unlike the filling station attendant who sends you off on your way,
Jesus will come along on the ride. In fact, if I will let Him,
He will take the wheel and guide me all the way.
I must learn to turn down the blare of the world's "radio"
And tune in to His still small voice.

As I travel along, I must stay alert, for He may need
me to stop to help a weary traveler who has lost his/her way.
They may need a helping hand or someone to point the way Home.

Sometimes I come to rough patches that are difficult to navigate.
Sometimes I run into storms that seem they will blow me off the road.
Yet I can rest assured that I will make it through
Cause Jesus is at the wheel and I am not alone.

So remember, before you start YOUR day,
Stop in the "filling station",
Ask God to "fill'er up", check under your hood,
Clean your windshield and then
Come along for the day's journey.
It will be a ride you will never forget!!

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