Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mother Love

M emory
O pens
T he
H eart
E ngaging
R emembrance

A mother’s hands are the first embrace a child will carry from place to place.

A mother’s heart will ponder anew and dream impossibility for you.

A mother’s faith is the greatest gift, for in prayer alone your burdens to lift.

A mother’s face is etched with beauty,

A mother’s path, devotion and duty.

As the seasons pass and the years unfold, we understand better a mother’s hold.

Her children become

Her hands release

A grip of love abides to ease,

Rites of passage come and go,

College and marriage

Grandchildren to know.

Change enters again.

Trials weather frail hands.

Her heart awaits,

Her faith renewed,

Her face is framed with love for you.

Her path is heaven

God’s time has come.

The Love of Jesus takes her home.

But Mother lives on in you and me

Her call of faith, her liberty

Found only in HIM whose Life will reign,

A Cross of Grace that still remains.

A legacy of love, a trust so tender,

Her Mother Love we do remember.

Billie Cash
Mother, Grandmother, Author
May 2008

** Billie lost her own sweet mother just a few months ago. This will be her first Mother' s Day since her mother entered Heaven.

"Her children arise and call her blessed. "Proverbs 31:28a

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