Tuesday, May 20, 2008



My child, turn your hope toward me. Trust in me. Wait on me. No one who waits on me will be disappointed.

I desire to make my ways known to you. Let me teach you my paths. I want to guide you in MY truth and demonstrate to you that I AM the God of your salvation.

My compassion and faithful love are all around you. They have been since the beginning of time.

Because of my faithful love, I remember no more the sinful acts of your youth nor your acts of rebellion.

I am good and upright and I desire to show sinners [like you] the way of truth. I will lead the humble and show them what is right and good. All my ways demonstrate my faithful love to you. Because I am the great I AM, I will forgive your sin, even when it is great.

Anyone who puts their trust in me, I will show him my way. He will live a good life and his descendants will inherit the earth.

I reveal my secret counsel to those who reverance me and I also reveal my covenant to them.

Keep your eyes firmly fixed on me [and not your circumstances] and I will rescue you from trouble.

When you are alone and afflicted, just look up, I am there for I long to be gracious to you. Even when the distresses of your heart are many, and your suffering is great, I will rescue you.

Although your enemies are many and you are troubled on every side, I will guard you and deliver you. You will never be ashamed if you put your trust in me. You are safe with me.
I am your refuge.

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