Friday, January 9, 2009


Thus far the Lord has helped us. I Samuel 7:12

Our lives we must review.

Reflection is our work to do.

In looking back perspective comes.

A Heavenly Father,

A Heavenly home awaits the pilgrim journey bound.

In holy purpose, mission… found.

What will this coming year bring?

Will He find us offering… the best we have to a God that’s true,

A God who’s walked the path with you?

Through illness, loss with little or much,

In trial, triumph, His precious touch…prevails.

Our times do change.

Our God does not.

HE is the ONE the saints have sought.

Through ages past , they lived and died—looked forward with committed lives.

Lamps made ready,

Candles burning,

Hearts aflame,

Souls a’ yearning.


Christ in me the hope of Glory.

In Him alone is liberty, freedom and transparency.

A forward faith stands with your brother.

Calling out to him , we build another.

Covering his back with fervent prayer

Preaching the Word reveals our care,

Serving others by the way we live,

Raising His standard of Truth to give.

Thus far He has helped us….this we know.

Onward !

His Grace will grow.


His Life to know,

A people strengthened to live today,

Expectantly we bow in praise.

Happy New Year!

In All Things, HE Reigns!

---Billie Cash

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