Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It has snowed today. Everything is covered in a blanket of white. Thankfully, we seemed to have dodged the bullet for the predicted ice storm. Others in the Mid South were not so lucky.
Ice has caused numerous accidents on roadways, thousands are without power on a VERY cold day, and many schools are closed to the jubilation of teachers and kids alike.

Funny how something so beautiful can be so deadly. Kind of like sin, isn't it? I will never forget the country song that said "I never knew the Devil had blue eyes and blue jeans." He appears as an angel of light, but brings with him nothing but death and darkness.

Sin can be so insidious. It can seem so right, so rational, so perfect...til it entraps us and takes us down. Eve bit hook, line and sinker. She listened to the voice of the enemy contradicting everything God has told her. Yet her desire to "be like God" overcame her desire to please Him. That is the case for sin every time. We want to be in control...not God!

Don't let sin overtake you. Be aware of the enemy's tactics. He is a liar. He has come for one purpose and one purpose steal, to kill and to destroy!!

Keep your eyes on JESUS today. Remember, it's all about HIM. We are here for one purpose...and one purpose glorify Him. Let that be the driving focus of your day glorify the King.

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