Monday, June 26, 2017


Heard this said today about kindness:

"Kindness is the one thing that can be heard by the deaf and seen by the blind."

In a society that is so focused on me, myself and I, it is so refreshing when we witness acts of kindness.  Here is a wonderful example:

"A little redemption for the suffering human soul. The older man was paused at the top of an escalator and a few people started gathering waiting to get on. It was clear he was feeling unsure and this young man offered the simplest kindness: an out-reached arm and a "can I help you on, sir?" He quietly started to explain to the young man that he had gotten stuck on an escalator once and was a little scared. The young man gently offered an assurance, they looked at each other eye to eye for just a moment and the older man accepted his arm. Everyone else remained patient. "

Every day we have the opportunity to be kind whether to strangers, to co-workers, to neighbors, or even to our own family.  It costs us nothing more than a few moments of our time in most cases.  Yet why are we so stingy?  I challenge you today as you go about your day, look for opportunities to be kind.  

Paul reminds us to "be kind, tenderhearted, forgiving one another..." .  I have been on the receiving of another's kindness.  And I can tell you it is a blessing beyond compare.  

So let's counterattack this culture of self-centeredness and do something nice for someone today.  I'd love to hear some things that maybe YOU have done lately as a random act of kindness.  Not as a way of bragging, but to share some ways that others may not have thought of.  

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