Friday, December 5, 2008


A baby is a precious gift. There is NOTHING on earth quite as special as a new baby! A new baby is a miracle.

We have a new baby in our family. Her name is Bailey Grace and she was born just a little over a week ago to our son and his wife. This is our second granddaughter, and as with the first, it is one of the most special moments of our life. A new life, so perfect in every way. Pure innocence.

I could just look at her and look at her and not get enough of that sweet face. As a sign in her room says "So much of God's grace in one little face"!!!!!!!!! How perfect!

Holding a new baby is to hold a miracle in your hands. The Bible says babies are "fearfully and wonderfully made". Indeed they are! Every baby is a miracle. Every baby is special. Every baby is a gift from God.

How much more was Mary's baby boy. She not only had given birth to a precious baby boy, she had given birth to the very Son of God. I cannot begin to fathom how she must have felt to know that she was holding the King of Kings and Lord of Lords each time she held Jesus. Although He came to be her Savior, she knew him first and foremost as her little baby.

I love how scripture captures the essence of the awesomeness of the moment as Luke 2:19 records for us that "Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart."

What things were Mary pondering?

I believe for all of her life she would remember the night she gave birth.... the sound of his first cry, the memory of looking into those little eyes for the first time, the feel of his skin next to hers, how she felt the first time she nursed him. I believe that she yearned to hold onto every memory, as most mothers do, but even more so because she did not fully know what the future would hold for her son, but she knew that it was not going to be an ordinary life. She knew that He was God's son and He did not fully belong to her. So it was that she clung to those special moments with him when he was so dependent on her as his mother, knowing that her time with him would be short. For now, He was her special, Heaven sent gift, and she wanted to treasure every single moment she could.

Jesus was not only Mary's Heaven sent gift though. He was also ours. Today, why not spend some time pondering how much that gift has meant to you???

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