Monday, December 22, 2008


Two days left til we celebrate CHRISTmas on CHRISTmas eve. I STILL have shopping to do:( I joined the other hoards of last minute shoppers on this past Saturday. It was madness!! Seriously, it is never that bad even the day after Thanksgiving!

Our pastor listed some of the 10 Top CHRISTmas gifts for 2008 yesterday. Lots of technological stuff...........but the best one was a robot dog. Seriously, he barks, sits on command, rolls over, fetches, and you even have to walk it! Too funny!!

That got me to thinking how we all rush around during the holidays in search of the "perfect gift". You HOPE it will please the recipient. You try desperately to find something you believe they will like. You HOPE it is the right color and the right size. You HOPE they don't already have one. You try to be sure you get something that will last and be of good quality. You HOPE that it will be something they will ENJOY or get lots of use out of. You HOPE it will be memorable (in a good way, of course!)

Yet the BEST gift anyone could receive this CHRISTmas cannot be found in a store. It cannot be ordered from a catalog or off the internet. It will not be found wrapped under anyone's tree. The best gift anyone could receive this CHRISTmas is JESUS!

I was reminded of that again yesterday as we saw three families from our church dedicate their childred to the Lord. Our pastor prayed for each one, asking the Lord to capture their heart at a young age and that they would grow up to do great things for Him.

I could not help but think of my newest tiny and so new. I thought of the day she was born and how it brought tears to my son's eyes and a smile that would have lit up Time Square! I thought of how there would never be another day that would so touch his heart EXCEPT for the day that she was born again!!! Born into the Kingdom of God as she gives her heart to Jesus. How I pray for that day! Not only for her, but also for our first granddaughter as well.

I began praying for her when she was born, praying that God would capture her heart early and that she would fall in love with Him. I prayed that she would have a deep and abiding passion for Jesus, and would walk with Him all the days of her life, totally yielded and committed to Him.
I will pray the same for Granddaughter #2.

This CHRISTmas you may receive many gifts. Some you will probably love and others not so much. Some you may have to return or exchange. Others you will probably stick in a drawer somewhere. But if you receive the gift that God has to offer you in JESUS CHRIST, you will never be sorry. You will never need to return or exchange it. It will last eternally. It will be the gift that keeps on giving.........blessing after blessing after blessing for the rest of your life. It will be the gift that changes your life forever!

Don't get so caught up in the search for the "perfect gift" this CHRISTmas that you miss THE GIFT. Give your heart to Jesus this CHRISTmas and receive the BEST GIFT of your entire life!

(Need to know more? Please contact me through the COMMENT button below! I would be happy to share this GIFT with you.)


3Strands said...
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3Strands said...

I enjoy reading youre blog and hope we can all remember what Christmas is all about--hope you and youre family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New year---tell Josh, Bo from mens group says Hi -- I havent seem him in awhile

Anonymous said...

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