Friday, August 7, 2009


Heard this catchy commercial today on the radio....

"If a woman says, 'I have nothing to wear' it means she has nothing new.
If a man says, 'I have nothing to wear', it means he has nothing clean."

I thought that was pretty funny. Then as I was standing in line....a VERY long Kohl's, I heard the mom behind me say to her teenage daughter, 'Honey why don't you go see if there are some tee shirts you like while I wait in line." To which the daughter said with utter disgust, "Mom, there are NO tee shirts I like here!"

Translated that meant, "Oh my could you be so dumb as to think I'd be caught dead in a tee shirt from Kohl's.!!"

So, does that mean if a teenager says she has nothing to wear, it means 'I have nothing I'd be seen in by the "IN CROWD" and costing less than $100?!!

Appearance is important to most all of and women and teens alike. Although my husband often argues with me that being "fashionable" is not important and grumbles about the fact that styles constantly changing is nothing more than a "money maker" for the fashion industry, I have to remind him that he does not have a single leisure suit in his closet and his white shoes and belt went the way of the yard sale many, many years ago!!

I do care about appearance and about not being "out of style", but labels have never been important to me. I guess there have always been things I thought were more important to spend my money on. Besides, my husband works very, very hard to provide for us, and it is important to me to be a good steward of that and not to be frivolous.

Today with advertising everywhere you turn and our kids being pushed to have it all from the latest technology to the latest in fashion, it is hard not to have a child who is always wanting more. It is hard for many adults I know to be satisfied with what they have and not always be yearning for more. A bigger house, a newer car, the newest in the fashion line from pricey handbags to designer sunglasses all beckon to some who cannot stand to not have the latest and greatest.

We watched a commercial last night where a young boy, probably 9 or 10, got up in front of his class to give a report and did so by opening up his laptop. I looked at my husband and remarked that in a few years our granddaughters will probably not be shopping at Fred's or Walmart for notebook paper or composition books. They will simply take their laptops to school! Incredible!

My mother told me she had gotten something in her Verizon bill that offered a real deal on a Blackberry and wanted to know if I wanted it. I thanked her but told her 'no'....I do not need one more thing to occupy any of my time. Technology is grand, but enough is enough! I want to have some time left to actually speak to people and look into their eyes instead of into a computer or phone screen.

Satan is very subtle in causing us to be dissatisfied and always wanting more and more and more. It all started in the garden with Eve. She had everything she could have possibly wanted. The BEST of everything on earth. She only had heard me right....ONE rule to follow..."Don't eat this one....O - N - E....fruit. All the rest you can freely eat." And what did Satan do? He made her feel like she was missing out by not getting to eat that ONE fruit!! It worked and we have been paying the price ever since. And what' s worse, his same technique is still working just as well today as it did then. Are we suckers or what?

Maybe we need to read and re-read Psalm 23:1 "The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want," and learn to be more content with what we have. Think that would work when you take your teens shopping?

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