Monday, March 24, 2008


We were driving along the expressway late yesterday when I was captivated by the marvelous display of God in the clouds. The backdrop of blue was punctuated by very dark, gray clouds...very much like storm clouds. But the sun was behind those clouds, and it was outlining the dark clouds with a golden band of light and rays were streaming down from there. One expected any second that that sun would just come bursting forth in a glorious ball of fire! It was a beautiful sight, but even more a beautiful picture of God in our lives.

On any ordinary "blue sky" day in our lives, the storm clouds can gather. They roll in unannounced and unwanted, marring what had started out as a perfectly beautiful day. These clouds can come in the form of a sudden illness, a phone call alerting us to someone in trouble, or even something as small as a disturbing email or an unkind word that stabs our heart. The clouds roll in, overshadowing the Son. We feel the cold winds of fear and anxiousness as they grip our hearts. But....we must realize that God has not moved. He is there. The clouds may have overshadowed Him temporarily, seeming to dim His light. But make no mistake, it is there and if we will trust Him with our circumstances, He will break through the dark storm clouds and once again we will see Him in all His glory and brilliance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, no matter what storms may invade your sunny day, be assured that just beneath the clouds, there is light breaking through and the SON will shine in your darkness!!

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