Sunday, March 16, 2008


How secure are you? On what is your security based? No, I'm not talking about are your doors locked, your windows barred and the alarm system engaged...although living on the fringe of one of the most crime-ridden cities in America, those things are a necessity.

No, the type of security I'm speaking of does not consist of bars or locks. I guess the best way to define it is in very elementary terms. Who is holding your hand?

Now to some people that will be a very demeaning question. "Holding my hand? Why, I'm an adult! I don't need anyone to hold my hand!" or maybe your reply might be " you think I'm not (a) beautiful enough (b) strong enough (c) smart enough (d) capable fill in the get along in this world without someone holding my hand?"

Yet the truth is we ALL need someone to hold our hand. We need someone to cling to, someone we can trust our lives to, someone who will never let us down. However, most fact, I would dare say.....every person alive has felt insecure at some point in his/her life. For many, they have spent MOST of their life feeling anything BUT secure.

I read a disturbing statement yesterday, "When key people in your formative years were supposed to bring you security but brought insecurity instead, you inherit a tremor in your soul that is impossible to naturally still."* Stop! Please read that statement again. Can you relate? I believe there are far more people who would say YES to that question than NO. Many adults today have struggled with insecurity their entire life. They have tried to find it in lots of things and lots of people. But there is only one true source of real security and that is in God.

God created us to love Him. He created us to have relationship with Him. He loves us unconditionally, immeasureably and infinitely. No one else will ever love you like that! He loved you so much He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to earth to bridge the gap between you and God that sin had created, then sent the Holy Spirit to reside within you so that you would never be alone and one day you will join Him to spend eternity in Heaven.

Psalm 125: 1 says "Those who trust in the Lord are like Mt. Zion, it cannot be shaken, it remains forever." You can be sure of this, GOD WILL NEVER, EVER FAIL YOU. You can trust Him 100%! There is no real security apart from Him.

*Stepping Up by Beth Moore - Song of the Ascents

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